There are pros and cons to every event occurs and when talking about the lockdown while most of the business got effected some got the opportunity to reveal what’s hidden.

While containing any further spread is the primary concern, the consequential calamities would haunt us long after eradicating it. There…

When it comes to delivering and recognizing food Zomato has outreached it’s boundaries leaving behind the competitors.

The week magazine
The week magazine

Today I decided to write about zomato because the recent event gave me a blink of an eye as the video of the old couple circulated in the social media and zomato acknowledged…

The one who hides its identity behind a virtual manifesto and portrays himself as one of a kind.

Hideous being the prime quality of the one who knowingly does the endeavor for his own satisfaction. Most of the time it happens people being silly and want pleasure but eventually ending…

Kashika Jauhari

Hey, this is Kashika member of the medium since July 2020. Trying to create content that unambiguously connects to readers.

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