agree with me if you feel that we the student community, the capable future employees are highly underrated. In these hard times, we the students have helped many startups as well as the companies to grow their business and reach on social media and yet they consider us as mere interns and questioned our value. I feel every work should be capable of appreciation, this generation has a mind which can excel in whatever field they are indulged with and can outshine with their talents. the companies today need to understand that they need us more than we do.

every company and startup today is going online and this is the new normal it is high time that the corporate should understand the value student community provide them, there are times when students are treated like trash on various social sites and took advantage of by just increasing their followers or growing their posts reach which is I feel shameful of the acts done by some companies. people need work, genuine work to perform, and explore what’s hidden inside them is the storm of talent and these companies are misusing these talents by giving us the tag of mere interns.

I believe personal opinions on any particular perspective are highly bashed in the country like ours, its always about the sentiments I don't know why. why can’t one just express what he/she feels, why is there a pinch of sarcasm and hollow on one’s own statements? and for the fact what companies are doing with us is no longer justice to our community and talents and it needs to be stopped as every individual has some value even if it's 0.

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